Friday, June 16, 2006

oh bother isn't brother over?

Well as the summer has arrived in the UK, it's means it's that time of year for all the usual summer traditions. Barbecues, getting sunburn complaining it's too hot and the sun's too bright and we wished it was winter again convientantly forgetting that we said the exact opposite in Winter and on yes Big Brother. Every single year I swear to myself that I won't watch, I won't care and I'll ignore all references to it in the press and like every other year I have completely failed and have started to get interested. My only hope is that is ends before I become completely and irrecoverably hooked.

While along the lines of moaning about summer events, the World Cup. England won! Hurrah, that means we have even longer of everybody going on about England and how this might be 'our year'. You would think they have learned by now.

Suddenly realizes what he's said and looks around nervously for the mob with flaming braids and pitch folks, crying "Heretic, Heretic, burn him, burn him!!!"

Oh and case anybody is reading this and is wondering about the identity of the 'girl' I mentioned in yesterdays post, well you can just keep on wondering, coz what happens will stay between me and her and no one else needs to know, especially as I'm not feeling mean enough to say.

It was my nephews fifth birthday yesterday, only he does seem to be 5 going on 15 sometimes. Annoyingly they are having a birthday party for him at the weekend, and forgot to mention it to me until now as the whole of the rest of the family will be coming down, just as I have to go off to London. #%*"@# #~@
^'%. Oh well there's nothing like spending a weekend hard at work to better spending the weekend playing with your nieces and nephews right? Right!?

Please bear with us, I'm afraid that this rambler is currently experiencing some technical difficulties. We are currently attempting to administer a technical attitude adjustment using a baseball bat. Until then here's some music,

Dum, dum de de dum, dum dum dum, dum de de dum, dum


Nemesis said...

I'm telling the angry mob what you just said about the World Cup . . . mwah hah hahahahaha!

Thanks for giving me the address--I'm really liking your blog so far!

Saxon said...

ya! My first positive review. May it's be the first of a handful at least :-)