Thursday, June 22, 2006

Now for the science bit

Institute tis ended for the summer and I'm going to have to figure out something else to do with my Wednesday. Live is so hard getting another free night a week. How can one cope with such hardships. Oh Wait, it's not a . Opps, he, he,heeeee. Must remember to think things through before going off on a rant.

But here's the science part for you. What do you get if you add

no break + very big event + traveling length of county x 2 + 12 days working straight

answer = one very tired saxon

Who is currently having to take a remarkable amount of sugar and caffeine to stay awake.

Anyway, it was the last lesson of the institute course last night and as well as the lesson, all of the guys there got a scary insight to that strange and mysterious language that we find so incomprehensible. That's right, the language of the Female! Brother H mentioned that there was once a mission president who only allowed the sister missionaries to have short hair as if they had long hair he felt they spent too much time on it . Cue much disagreement from the girls in the class, who said it was actually the other way round and it was easier and quicker to look after long hair. Now maybe it's because I'm a bloke but that didn't seem to make much sense to me and to be honest I'm sure it didn't make much sense to the rest of the Lads either but they just didn't want to admit it. But then again with my hair style or lack of one I have no room to comment.

Again this all likely stems down to the fact that boys seems to be genetically in capable of speaking girl, and neither guys or girls can see things clearly from the others perspective. Although I'm sure girls would argue that this point is mute coz things are always right from their perspective :-) and now that I've made that joke I'm reasonably sure I might be dead by morning! they have spies everywhere, spread the word, spread the word!!

But before they come and cart my off to loonyville, somebody said a interesting comment at Institute last night ( yes I know two thoughts in one week, what are the odds!). About how they would want a guy who was very good with kids. Well not to sound immodest with 11 nieces and nephews , (well I think it's 11, it gets hard to keep track sometimes how JR copes with 38 grandchildren I'll never know) I like to think I'm fairly good with kids. Well it made me think of all the other comments that girls have said what they look for in a guy, and I'm not trying to sound boastful but ;

Good with Kids, yep. Intelligent ( well I'm fairly sure that the bit of paper I have with the word degree on it could be proof of this :-) , good listener, yep, can do chores, well I'm a fairly good cook, and can do the washing, hanging it out, ironing, hovering etc. Kind, caring, loving etc. yes, yes and yes, again not trying to be immodest but I like to think so.

Well this is just a handful of things but I'm fairly sure I at least have some if not most of the attributes that girls seem to mention in their search for the ideal guy. So then in theory based on the girls usual mumblings : =

Guy + attributes = ideal Man.

ideal man + girl = date

With me so far? good. But in reality it usually turns out;

guy + good looks + none of above attributes = not so ideal man who girls always complain about all the time as bad guys

not so ideal man + girl = usually still manages to get them all somehow anyway.


Guy + Ideal attributes + girl = 'Your a great guy, and it's not you it's me etc.

or usually

Guy + ideal attributes + girl = ' Not before the devil is driving to work in a snow plough matey'

or am I over simplifying it. Should it actually be: =

saxon+ his looks = Not a chance in hell


saxon + attributes / (divdeded) number of good looking guys = maybe when your fifty and a girl is desperate enough

or maybe it's just;

12 days work straight + one very busy weekend event+ very tired+ too much sugar and caffeine = wallowing + self pity + making sod all sense.

you decide!!

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