Monday, June 19, 2006

Lets do the time Warp, again, again, again???

This is a customer service announcement. You'll be pleased to hear that the posts about this weekends events are almost finished we promise. The management would like to thank you for bearing with us and we'll make sure that this is the last time he does this. We now return you to your scheduled ramblings!

"do, do,do do,do,do"

Being a bit of a techno luddite I have a very old phone compared with some people ( yes Matthew I'm looking at you) and when I get a text message that's the sound it makes. Which is usually good. Times when it is not good is 6.30am in the morning. yes it was a message to state that the departure time from the hotel was now 7.15am and that meant no breakfast. yaaahhhh! not!. So we get downstairs and all climb into the minibus with the driver with delusions of fighter pilotdom and head off our into the deserted ( well as deserted as London streets can ever get) streets. At which point one of the other guys turns round and asks us how we're getting any remaining stock home. Huh? say what? our first response was, but your taking it back as you bought it? No, it seems that the left hand hadn't been talking to the right hand again. Not what we wanted to hear on the way to the venue and especially as because we had come by train, no handy car to shove all the stock into. Houston we have a problem!!!!! Time to put our interlect to the problem! Whic mainly resulted in me staring into space and wondering just how much stock I could carry under one arm.

Things seemed better once we had got there, a bar opened at 9am and we could buy breakfast there. One problem the 'doors' also opened at 9am. D'ohh!!!! We then discovered there was no free water or sweets during the day, some sorta techno muble jumbo prevented it apparently. But on the plus side most of the other guys there got caught out as well. Nothing like being in the same situation as everyone else to make a situation look better and seem more bearable. We would have to buy our own drink , which you ever been to a p you know their refreshments ain't cheap! However the thought of the possible look on accounts face when I gave them the recipts did make me smile for the rest of the day.

But asides from this the day went fairly well, as is always the case with events you meet some very interesting characters. We met a kid who loved lighters and was wondering around the place flicking it off and on. There was another guy who if compared with me made me seem slim and slithe like, and the staff member who was assigned as part of a 'rotating' duty scheme , due to venue rules to guard a fire extinguisher and due to the left hand not talking to the right hand again rather then staying there for 15 minutes the poor guy ended up stuck there for 3 and a half hours. Well he was close enough to talk to us but I'm not sure if that was a plus or minus for him :-) Oh and the credit card machine had obivousily been talkign to the drinks machine which doesn't 'like' me and decided to gang up on me as well. !"£$%£$%^! Technololgy

However the day flew by and our feet were sure as heck telling us how long it had been by the end of the day. Fortunately K had ibuprofen so we were able to have some small periods of relief, the downside was when it started to wear off mind! So the day came to a close and We quickly packed up. K used her femine wiles (and before anyone accuses me of being sexist, they were her words not mine!) on a staff member who had a van to bring the stock back to HQ and then we were off!!

One side benefit of the long slow hill was that it was much quicker to get down it then to get up it. Although when walking down the hill that quickly I was mildly concerned that I wouldn't be able to stop and I'd just end up bashing through walls, ala the juggernaut from x men III.

But somehow, somehow we managed to make it to St pancras in time, to discover K's train was delayed for over a hour and my train couldn't stop at Loughborough due to engineering works. So I had to get off in Leicester to catch a bus. Ironically enough I was waiting for it for so long that I could have popped round to Rachel's for a drink....... If she still lived there. See always a hole in a master plan. I finally got the bus and headed home. Unfortunately the bus was a top of the range bus which climbed hills so well grannies seemed to be overtaking it at walking speed.

So finally, finally ! got back to loughborough where Dad was waiting to pick me up. The first thing I did when I got home was to have a very long, very nice bath as after spending all day standing up in a hall full of a couple of thousand people I did not smell good.

I then checked the cupboards to see how the shopping had gone for Dad. Lets just say. Don't ask!. I'm never letting him go shopping without a list again.

But despite us suffering some minor porblems from the great law maker of the universe, sod! It went very well, at least I like to think so. I suppose it depends on the bosses as to whether I'm ever let out in the world again :-)

anyway that's enough for now.

see you tomorrow!


Nemesis said...

Reading this is giving me acid-trip-type flashbacks of all the trade shows I used to do. Oh, the horror! . . .

I'm so glad you survived. And I can't even believe those people didn't offer water to the exhibitors. That's just mean.

Saxon said...

oh the venue was more then willing to give you water, if you gave them some money first :-)