Tuesday, June 27, 2006

And back to the playground we go!

I made a mistake today. What was that mistake I hear you ask? Well I decided to visit the ysa site again. I found a post which mentioned SL + G wedding . someone innocently asked about the wedding saying he had heard SL was getting married but he had mentioned anything. And what was one of the high brow responses he got ?

"Perhaps he'd prefer you losers not nosing all up in his business?"

Wow a clear concise point there wasn't it? I was tempted to comment but the only thing I could think of to say in a reply at the same level as his initial post was

" Ug huh. Your The loser, shut up"

But I decided against it as I figured having a thread descend into

" You shut up. no you shut up "

Wouldn't be the most productive form of power, time and bandwidth. However the guy who started the thread came back and said;

"I was waiting for that comment.Yeah, if he wants to keep it secret then he's perfectly entitled to that, but all we want to do is congratulate him and wish him luck. We owe him one for keeping this site going."

Oh yes he's keeping it really secret. The tent and security screens will be going up around the chapel and day now! and more importantly why was he expecting such a nasty comment as that in reply to his question? It's a YSA site for goodness sake!

I mean please! Since when has any wedding in the church been kept secret. If anything SL probably hasn't said anything on the site as I know he's ridicousily(fairly certain I haven't spelt that right) rushed of his feet at the moment and has more important things to worry about. So once again a shining example of why I gave up on that site. Yet the narcissist in me will probably keep me looking at the site every few days to give me something new to whine about :-)

Dad's his usual joyful self, mainly as I can't fix his email. stupid, ruddy thing!! But then he's also changed his mind and apparently it wasn't his idea to cut off all contact with the grand kids. It was J's fault for using jacob as a 'pawn' in a argument. I dunno he keeps changing his mind so blinking much these days. He also keeps wanting to borrow the car, but will he fill it up or give me any money towards it!!! NO! As you can imagine that particular fact is starting to grate on me, just little bit. Maybe I should buy him a bike or scooter or sumthing? Maybe that will keep the miserable old so and so happy. Who knows.

It's time like this I miss uni. :-(
Things were so much simpler then and at least there was someone around to give you a hug when you needed it

Anyway, umm hit that old mental blank again and can't think of anything else to say.

till later!

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