Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Time, time and more time

Well with the broadband back up to full capacity we have discovered a small downside to now having such fast connection speeds.

We can now play the games on facebook.

And play them we have been.

Which has been tremendous fun but has been best summed up by Grumpy as being a tremendous waste of time.... just before he spent a hour playing a game introduced to him by Tap Dance mind you.

I've found some of the news coverage about Mitt romney tremdously amusing at the moment, as you can tell that most people are trying to stay away from making points about the church with such obivous effort that it's blindinly obivous thats what their doing. And even when they have mentioned the church it's been very funny as they've usually tried to make huge stories out of nothing. For example one news story mentioned that he had given millions to church. Well my immediate thought was, hmm successful multi-millionaire businessman so that would be tithing wouldn't it? And of course with the publication of his tax records thats obivously what it was but do you think they made a news story of that. Ohhh no..... course not.


Later folks

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