Thursday, January 12, 2012

A perfect storm

Okay, so new year and already one resolution to try and blog every day is wel land truly broken.

But c'est la vie I guess.

But hte main reason for no blog post yesterday was that I was doing a fair amount of overtime and after nearly ten hours in front of a computer by the time I got home and sat down to do a blog post the words just didn't come at all.

The long day hadn't been helped by the huge traffic jam I was caught in on the way to work. I'll freely admit that one thing I don't miss from going into Nottingham ( asides from having to fill the car up every week) is the rather nasty traffic jams which could extend a 25 minute trip all the way to a hour and 45 minutes.

Traffic jams to my current job are extremely few and far between. Yesterday's traffic jam was without a doubt the worst I had ever seen with traffic queuing the full length of the airport. And what had caused this backlog? Well it was a perfect storm of blocked roads as it were because not only were two main a-roads the site of accidents, the motorway had accidents in both directions and then another main road was blocked by a bunch of protestors.

Chaos ensured.

And there was a fair few people who were very late to work. but they didn't mind as in those situations if lots of people are late then everybody dodges getting a "black mark" for being late.


Later folks

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