Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Not so Synchronised

Well overselling by one or two tickets to any event can certainly be embrassing. Overselling by 10,000 tickets would certainly register as a big "oops" in anyone's book.

But unfortunatly that's one "oops" the London olympics have managed to do when they've oversold 10,000 tickets to the Synchronised swimming.

I bet the organising commitee are hoping that's the only big oops that coems their way.

Anyway, the year is rolling on in that dreary it's the first week of January, your next pay day is soooo far away and your nice pretty christmas decorations have to come down kind of way

Plus if that's not depressing enough we're going to be subjected to a veritable barrage of reality shows on the tv. Not only is Dancing on ice starting, celebrity big brother is back ( why, why have we not suffered enough?), there's cowboy builders, the worlds meanest trucker and lets not forget "celebrity wedding planner", who will feature Jedward.

Yes Jedwood/Jeward/doesn't make them any less annoying however you spell it are back on the screen.

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the telly again..........

Later Folks

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