Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Hell and High water

Okay, so after a prolonged period of dry and warm weather, somebody, somewhere seemed to flip a switch today and what could best be described as typical english weather came back with gusto.

And by Gusto, I mean there was a whole lot of it.

Fortunatly I missed the worse of it, even if I did have to endure the car rocking too and from like a fan and a metalica concert on the way into work.

Unfortunatly one of the girls from our team didn't miss the worst of it when she got off the bus ( regular not our minibus) and got caught in a rather large downpour between the bus stop and the building front door which might have only been a couple of hundred feet at worst.

Actually calling it a downpour would be a gross diservice to the sheer force of it and likewise saying she looked like a drowned rat would also be a understatement.

Drowned rats are usually much drier.

Luckly she saw the funny side as she wasn't bothered about getting wet, she was more bothered about the amount of time she had spent drying her hair this morning which she felt had rather gone to waste.

It was also a rather busy day as we had a lot of work to do, what with the christmas holidays and all. Or to put it another way we all had more then four times the usual amount of work in our queues.

Which kept us our of trouble if nothing else.

Later folks.

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