Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's all a bit confusing for little dogs

Whilst I'm typing this Owen is currently sitting across on the other side of the lounge watching me with what can only be called a rather confused expression on his face. Mainly because rather then sitting at the desk, I'm now in the lounge sitting on the floor whilst I type this.

And for all his intelligence I don't think Owen can figure out why the heck is going on.

In case you were wondering this repostioning isn't due to any major redecoration plans here at geektower, it was due to our broadband connection going every so slightly wrong. In fact it was providing less speed then our old dial up used to provide. The IT boffins at our ISP needed us to plug the computer into our main phone socket which was downstairs in the lounge, and seeing we didn't have cable long enough we had to move it. Plus it has to stay in place until Monday as they need to get a lot of data.

Which provided it's only problems as we haven't really moved the computer since we put it in place several years ago to say some of the cables were tangled would be a understatement.

In fact we found a couple of cables that I'm still not100% sure what they were for.

Guess we used to use them for something, as to what? Well the computer working fine enough without them so I guess they can't be important.

Fingers crossed, touch wood etc, etc.


Asides from the moving and subsquent rather baffled dog it's been rather a normal saturday. Except it has been rather cold all day.

Winter has finally, finally arrived.

Later folks

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