Friday, January 13, 2012

Doom, doom, doom........ or maybe not

Fridays are usually quite bad at work.

At least for the first part of the day when the " Eeek it's not here yet and Iw ant to go home early today" factor kicks in.

So of course with it being Friday the 13th we were expecting the worst. You have customer service meeting the stereotypical most bad luck filled day in a year. And what did we get? Doom, doom and more doom??

Well no.

It was actually a quiet day. A nervously quiet day for a Friday as a matter of fact which did make us wonder if something extra bad was creeping up on us. There were even a few jokes about that russian space probe falling through the roof.

Which apparently though is somethign we don't have tow rry about as russian scientists and engineers have ensured people it will crash into the indian ocean and it's fuel will have burnt up on re-entry.

I've said it before however and I'll say it again. This is only a reassuring until you remember these are the same scientists and engineers who were sure that thing would be on it's way to Mars by now.

So might now want to put away the hard hats just yet.

Later folks

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