Sunday, January 15, 2012

It really is a quite stupid saying when you think about it

Today's quote of the day came from physics from his rather good talk about the book of mormon

" I wasn't born into the church like most people, I was born into a hospital instead"

Which if you think about it, highlights just what a strange saying " I was born into the church" is.

The computer is still set up in the lounge which is still confusing the heck out of Owen as he can't quite figure out why I'm sitting on the floor with him.

Still it's a minor problem and at least my weekend is going a lot better then one of my friends who learned at the cost of severe brusing, a badly sprained wrist and a long trip to A&E that having pJ bottoms that are a bit too long only lead to taking a short cut between the 1st floor and ground floor of her house without using the stiars.

I was also watching transformers 3 again on DVD and realised something about the lead characters parents being a little bit harsh on him. Because they spend a large amount of the movie critising him for not having a job, but they never mention the fact that he has saved the whole human race twice!

Also in the news today there's a little bit of a design flaw in the navys new fighters that they are supposed ot be buying for the new aircraft carriers. Basically the hook that catches the wire that stops the aircraft is too close to the wheels so it can't catch the wire. Which in a aircraft supposed to land on a airfield not a big design flaw, but on one supposed to be landing on a aircraft carrier a rather large problem.

Later folks

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