Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Broadly speaking

Okay so we kinda have the broadband problem sorted out.


It seems that it's the wiring to the upstairs connection that has kinda gone gagga on us at the moment which means we can less then a meg speed when it's connected upstairs but it still seems to be fine on the downstairs connection.

Which is kind of a issue when the office and computer desk is upstairs.


I think we're going to have to do some creative thinking to sort this one out. Well that or get a cable repair guy in. I guess it will probably fall to whichever options cheaper :-)

Well it's wednesday tomorrow, always the hardest day of the week ( well asides from Monday mornings of course). Now a lot of people seem to call the day "hump day" but as it turns out noit many people in our office did as one member of my team found out as he loudly told everybody that tomorrow was hump day to there confusion.

Of course loudly stating at the top of his voice " It's hump day tomorrow" when there had been no conversation leading up to that declaration or what he was talking about probably didn't help the confusion in the slightest.


Later folks

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