Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bowing to the inevitable

Well after trying to get the internet connect working again upstairs and failing totally, we've now had to accept the inevitable and move the computer downstairs and set it up in a corner of the living room

So we've now got our full broadband capacity back, but it's going to make things a bit interested when somebody wants to use the TV and someone else wants to use the computer at the same time.

But as always c'est la vie :-)

And lets not forget Owen who is now totally confused and wondering why not only is the computer downstairs but why it's on a table this time and not on the floor like last time.

With the moving of the computer it looks like the office is going to be turned into a hobby room, which should be a rather interesting idea.

If we can decide what's going to be in there mind you. We've moved plenty of stuff out already included the old filing cabinet ( which was almost as big as me) which is now waiting on the front lawn to be collected by soem scrap metal merchants and is no doubt confusing the neighbours.

Well it shouldn't be anymore confusing mind you then when we had a toilet out there.


Later folks

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