Thursday, January 26, 2012

Forget the Monkey it's now a evil Bunny

One of the girls at work likes to decorate her desk and some of the others as well using stuffed toys. She has recently added a new toy to one of the bank of desks, which was a stuffed rabbit.

So far, so good, so cute, etc, etc.

But well the cute bunny has started taking on a rather creepy aspect, as throughout the day one of the ears started to bend over, the head started to tilt to one side, we noticed that due to the fur one of the eyes seemed bigger then the other and slowly but surely one of the arms started to raise as if it were pointing, ala evil monkey from Family guy.

At first it was funny, but it slowly started to get even very creepy, especially when you felt it was actually looking at you. Which meant the bunny spent all day being turned round and round on the spot.

It actually ended the day sitting in one of the empty desks with a headset on looking at a computer screeb, I'm no sure who put it there mind you.

At least I hope somebody put it there otherwise it's just got even more creepy.

Later folks

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