Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not a good start

You have to wonder sometimes when you get up if certain things that happen could actually be signs for how the day is going to go. For example burning your toast, treading on something on the floor, walking into a door frame whilst half asleep.

Or it my case noticing when I got to work that the last three digits on my speedo were 666.

Mind you I've not been having the best of time for the past couple of days as I've been struck by a rather nasty bug good and proper, so not only is my cold back, I've got a cold, a cough, a sore chest or at lets not forget that I've seriously lost my voice and what I had remaining was could be described as "seriously husky".

But it's all right, it's not like I have a job where I have to speak practically all day.

Oh wait............

Suffice to say I've been tanking up on as much lemsip as I can take and keeping my fingers cross that I can shake this as quickly as possible.


Later folks

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