Thursday, September 02, 2010

Manchester conference 2010 Sunday Morning : Are the days of summer over already?

I woke up feeling very cold, but that was probably more down to kicking my duvet half off the bed more than anything else. It made me contemplate seeing if the heating in the room would work which made me realise that when they said it’s been the coldest August in quite some time they weren’t kidding! You shouldn’t have to be contemplating turning heating on in August!

Breakfast was okay, but to be perfectly honest it was a little forgettable, as nobody was around and the few YSA in the restaurant all seemed strangely subdued.

First up was the priesthood session held as ever in Owens park. It was a ok lesson but no really inspiring, maybe that was down to the teacher, maybe down to my mood, or maybe due to the twits sitting behind me who seemed to have a genetic inability to shut up.

Once the lesson was over it was time for the annual mad dash across campus as we only had 15 minutes between the end of the priesthood lesson and the start of the main conference session.

Still after the priesthood lesson the main conference session was pretty good, I could feel my spirits start to lift slightly after the disappointing end to the previous evening. And if that wasn’t enough I managed to get to the restaurant early enough to actually get a packet of crisps with the packed lunch . Yes I know I'm easy to please aren't i?

I was also determined not to fall prey to the temptation of sneaking off for a afternoon nap this year. I simply turned it into a lunchtime nap instead :-) don't judge me, I'm getting old :-)

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