Thursday, September 02, 2010

Manchester conference 2010 Sunday afternoon: Hello Uncle

I decided to attend the “ Meet uncle William workshop” first in the afternoon and I was determined to avoid the mistake I made last year and get there too late to be let in. Of course I ended up going to the other extreme and was the first there by a good ten minutes. The workshop was extremely interesting and though provoking. It raised a good point, how would you like people to remember you and is there any evidence to back it up? Grumpy wanted to know when I got home if I had mentioned that one of my ancestors was the chancellor of the exchequer and we had a ancestral home which was not used as a school. I gently pointed out that it was a bit hard to get this into a lesson when the teacher was talking about one of their ancestors!

Buy the way in case you haven't realised from the photo Uncle william was a policeman which is why they holding up policemans uniforms it's not that the YSA got outta control :-)

For the second workshop I attended the “ come and see” workshop which hadn’t been given any explanation asides from its name. So as you can imagine I was somewhat curious and as I’m not a cat it wasn’t dangerous. It turned out the workshop was about the new out reach centre program which also turned out to be a very good workshop as well.

Next up was the testimony meeting, which had been greatly shortened at only 45 minutes long. We were asked to stay in the room we had been in for each of the respective workshops. Now I was n’t planning to get up, as hard as it is to believe I get very nervous in front of large groups of people who I know. Now I know that might seem strange as I was a tour guide at university, but they were people I didn’t know, at church their people I know and I get so self conscious. But the longer I sat there, the harder my heart seemed to beat in my chest in that way it does when the spirit in the room is really getting to you. Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore and just had to get up and bear my I testimony, which I did. I can’t remember exactly what I said but I remember Elder Engineseer say that, that’s a good thing when it comes to spiritual things as it means that you’ve spoken from the heart, guided by the spirit. Later on during the day several people did come up to speak to me to tell me how much they had enjoyed my testimony which to be honest I found a little embarrassing. When your used to be at the side of things out of sight, it can be difficult to realise people are actually paying attention to you.

I was invited by L and his new “friend” to join them for dinner. We went to the restaurant which is harder to find then the others, so it tends to be less packed. We were the first there and so we got the pick of the tables. We had barely sat down before L’s friend went to get us some cutlery and some napkins. She then asked if we wanted drinks and then went to get us some. L smiled and said she’s pretty awesome isn’t she? I think my response was too simply tell him to marry her, marry her now.
It was nice to have a good meal with friends, something I don’t get too do near often enough. Of course with it being Sunday and everybody in white shirts and nice dresses what food could be better then roast dinner with GRAVY!

and of course I couldn't have a nice meal like that without getting a picture for Nemesis as always.

We had a married missionary couple join us at one point and we started to get a pretty good conversation. There were a pretty good couple and the Elder spoke a lot of sense. So much so I wished we could get them to come to Leicester stake! I would like to say that a lot of the conversation was spirtually deep and meaningful but at least half of it was trying to explain monthy python to him because he used to be a scout master, had heard his scouts quote it but never knew what they were talking about!

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