Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Ummmm.... ripe!

There's a saying " There's something in the air", I can't remember who said it though. It may have been a great philospher, it may have been Homer simpson or it may just have been something I thought up of to try and justify a very long rambling opening piece to todays blog post.

Well this saying ( regardless of origin) certainly proved to be true this morning when I got out of the car this morning to wait for the bus. All around the airport there are a lot of fields and sometimes farmers need to put a certain rather smelly substance on the field and they had done. Rather a looooootttttttttttttt of it if the smell was anything to judge by. And of course the wind was blowing in off the fields as well. So to anyone driving past it must have seen a rather comical scene, a load of people seemingly standing in a line in the middle of a car park for no reason with nearly all of the girls holding their sleeves to their faces.

Still ripe starts aside the day went pretty well as things are almost back under control. Now I saw almost because if I sadi anything else I'm sure some ironic and unforeseen would come along tomorrow.

Although my mood for tolerating stupid things today was somewhat lower then normal as I managed to bang my hand on the wall, meaning my wrist was hurting most of the day, of course the way day I had left my ibuprofen at home!

Say with me everyone, D'oh!!

I don't know if I've mentioned it before but I have received my 2nd letter from Elder Engineseer. He seems to be having a fantastic time and enjoying his time on the Isle of Wight.


Later folks,

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