Wednesday, September 08, 2010

It's all a matter of perspective

It was one of those frustrating kind of days at work today. One that comes along every so often and make you want to bang your head up and down on your desk in complete frustration.

Although I suppose this is true in any job, no matter how good it is, occasionally you will always get a day that makes you yearn to be at home, in bed wrapped up nice and snuggly in your duvet!

But whatever else work will certainly be interesting tomorrow as it's my "turn" to take part in this years employee opinion survey at work. It's basically as it's sounds everyone takes an anoymous survey to rate the company and their jobs. To say the company takes the result seriously is a understatement, the survey is held every year and all of the major changes in operating practise, organisation, equipment and facilities was all prompted by results from last years survey.

I started just after last years survey had finished so this is my first chance to have my first real "say". It also made me realise two things, firstly that in just over a month and a half I will have been there for one year ( doesn't time fly) and secondly I no longer have to see what 5am on a Sunday morning looks like once a year (unless I want to of course but who would want too if they had a choice ? :-) Mind you after doing it for so many years on the trot it will seem some what weird not to do it this year!


Later folks

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