Friday, September 03, 2010

Manchester conference 2010 Monday morning part 1: A unquiet awakening


I literally jumped awake at the sound of the first bang. I had a moment of struggling incomprehension as I tried to figure out what the heck had just happened. The first bang was swiftly followed by several more and somewhat surprisingly the sound of female voices asking " Is he awake yet?"

Which made me wonder why were people knocking on my door? And why were there girls in the guys hall?!?!

As yet another round of banging commencing my sleep disorientated brain finally woke up and shifted into hear. The girls weren't pounding on my door, they were pounding on a door at he other end of the corridor, they were just hammering so loudly that it sounded like it was my door! The pounding went of for nearly a minute and I was just about to get up to open the door and yell at them when they gave up and went away. Obivously unsucessful in their attempts to wake up their intended target but probably more then successful in waking up the whole rest of the hall.

I looked at my watch and stiffled a groan. It was 6.30am!! Which lead me to the conclusion that the girls must have been among the younger YSA.

Still the early wake up call meant I got to breakfast early, if not too bright. The resturants unsurprisingly were almost deserted which lead me to guess that the previous nights activities had probably gone on a bit!

Well the early start also gave me time to pack up my stuff and take it to the car so I wouldn't have to rush later. I timed it, so I could drop the stuff off on the way to the armitage centre.

I got there just before the scheduled start time and the place was almost deserted. Gee I wonder why?

In fact the devotional got started almost 25 minutes late as YSA Gradually started to trickle in! The long weekend and late nights were catching up with all.

With the devotional out of the way it was time for the last mornings activities

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