Thursday, September 09, 2010

In between the cracks

It's been another busy day at work. I also completed the employee opinion survey and got a free pen! I know, I know I'm easy to please ain't I?

Although the shine on that was dampened by one very difficult customer I had to deal with. Although they were nasty, they didn't shout at all, they were just very cold and calculating and said the nasty personel comments about me in a very neutral way like they just knew they were fact and that they didn't have to raise their voice to make them any truer. I have to admit that's the first time I dealt with a customer like that and it shook me as they slipped right through a crack in my defences as it were.

But if I'm honest I'm probably more mad at myself for letting the customer get through like that. I'm old enough and experienced enough that I shouldn't let that happen. However as the saying goes once bitten twice shy. I'll know better in future.

Anyway, tomorrows Friday which means only one more day to get through until the weekend and it's a dress down day as well. The early shift pattern at work is okay but I do tend to find that I started to feel very tired by the end of the week! Still it could be worse, it could start a heck of a lot earlier!

I'm back on the late shift next week which means I'l lget a nice lie in :-)


Later folks.

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