Thursday, September 02, 2010

Manchester 2010 Sunday evening: Singing out!

After dinner it was time for the evening fireside, I couldn’t find Miss T ( it later turned out she had left to go home which kind of explained why I couldn’t find her) and I was starting to feel like I was becoming a third wheel to L and I didn’t want to cramp his style, so I found a spot near the front and sat down. The missionary couple saw me and came to spoken and asked where L and his friend were. I explained that I was feeling a bit like a third wheel, the sister smiled the elder simply gave me a friendly hand clasp on the shoulder before walking away. Which made me wonder if I have got t to the point where people give me sympathetic shoulder grasps, I was sure I’ll be getting the "I’m sorry head" tilt next! ( it's obscure friends reference )

After the fireside we had a few moments break before the next item. I noticed the elder from te missionary couple come past before giving me another friendly pat on the shoulder. Whilst contemplating the water in the drink bottle I had a few moments later after having to take a couple of ibuoprofen due my shoulder hurting again, I was suddenly surprised by L and friend appearing to sit by me as if from nowhere. Although I had my suspicions that their sudden appearance may have been the result of a small prompt I was pleased to see them none the less.

We then had to complete a survey for the church research department which was quite interesting if a little long winded with over 60 multiple choice questions! It took a long time to do as the guy from the church research department was reading out all of the questions.

Finally following the end of the survey it was time for the last item on the calendar for the day. A performance by the choir who performed a selection of music which shall we say wasn’t the usual Mormon songs that are sung by choirs. It was still a very enjoyable performance especially when they performed a encore of one song and had the audience join in!

Maybe the day hadn’t gone perfectly but I was about to discover something that would improve thngs.

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