Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I have a what now??

On Sunday we had a gathering of the stake YSA presidency and advisory council at the presidents house where we had dinner and had informal discussions about some upcoming bits and pieces and of course few decisions which had to be made.

Over dinner as tends to happen when people are gathered together for a meal random conversations started. I can't remembered exactly how it came up but people started talking about different kinds of milk ( told you it was random). Some people were talking about the old style cream milk you used to get when there was still lots of milkmen around and they actually delivered milk in glass bottles. Bro H, the couple assigned to the YSA and the presidents mum started talking about sterlized milk at which point one of the girls on the presidency looked at me with a straight face and asked me what sterlized milk was as she thought I would know as it was from my era not hers.

Sorry............ My what now????? Am I considered old enough not only to have a Era but one different to the rest of the YSA?? When did this happen, when did I get that old? Shouldn't I have at least got a memo, a card or something? to say " congratulations on your birthday, your now old enough to have your own era, here's some brochures for OAP homes in the area!"


Later folks.

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