Thursday, September 02, 2010

Manchester conference 2010 Saturday Night: Coke habits die hard

So after the afternoon activities it was time for Dinner. If the lunches were a gamble, the Saturday night dinners are even more risky as they were either good, or very very very bad. Unfortunately this year it was the latter rather then the former as I discovered that the evening meal would be Mexican! Which I don’t like. But no fear I could go for the alternative...... which was chilli con carne. Which I also don’t like.

There was some strong language muttered under my breath when I saw this. You know words like Gosh, darn and blast it ( writers note actual words used may have differed). So I had one choice if I wanted anything to eat.

It was time for a trip to Elder Engineseers former employer, a certain generic high street restaurant. This also meant that it was time for yet another coke glass, as this restaurant chain always seems to run the same promotion at the same time as conference. Still, it’s cheap way to keep the glass cupboard full.
Walking back to the campus I ran into some other YSA who informed me that I wasn’t along in not liking the evening meal, as apparently a large amount of people who liked Mexican didn’t like the meal either!

Now there was a little time before the ball, in fact there was a lot of time before the ball. Now it did go to prove the old stereotype that the girls needed a lot of time a lot of time to get ready, where most of the guys spent the large amount of time goofing around before spending ten minutes getting ready.

I had decided to go all out and had my suit, a nice shirt and even a bow tie. It probably wouldn’t have mattered either way but hey it was worth a shot.

I managed to get across to the armitage centre before it started raining yet again. I’m fairly certain that we had, had more rain in this one day in conference then we had had in the past four years worth of conferences. This years fairground ride was a spinner thing, which I’ll admit isn’t a technical phrase but then again I’m not up on the full fairground technical terms and I’m sure someone will correct me as to what the spinner thing is actually called.

I ran into Miss T in the foyer who was still worrying about her outfit being too revealing. As I suspected she had nothing to worry about as compared to some of the tight fitting dresses which were on display she might as well have been wearing a tent with a duvet wrapped around her underneath it.

As it was the ball it meant it was time for the inevitable taking of pictures. And as the theme of the ball was the Oscars there were plenty of cutouts to take pictures against. The most amusing thing I noticed was that whenever girls had a picture take against the Twilight cut out they always stood in front of the girl blocking her from view!

And now I don’t know what the girls called as I’ve not read the books, seen the films or plan to read the books simply because a mormon wrote them!

The music was up to it’s usual high standard and the refreshments were good too. There was popcorn, pick and mix and even a candy floss machine.

The only downside was that I was left pretty much on my own all evening as the Leicesterites were off in their groups, Miss T went off with some other friends she had made and even L who had I met two years ago ( the guy who had half strangled me accidentally in the self defence class, look it up in previous posts ) was busy with a very nice new friend, ( can’t begrudge him that as he was having considerably better luck then me) and the few attempts to talk to new people failed miserably. There’s nothing worse then being alone in a crowd and being alone in a group of several hundred people is not so good.

The evening devotional was okay but I’d be lying if I said I felt entirely happy when I went back to my room. Maybe it hadn’t been the perfect end to the day but I still had another day and a half of conference to go. As the saying goes, there was still everything to play for.

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