Thursday, September 02, 2010

Manchester conference 2010 Saturday Afternoon: Rolling the Dice

Okay so where was I? Oh yes I was in my room whiling away the 10 minutes until Lunchtime, lieing on my bed looking at the ceiling. Which was a big mistake as I caught site of what must be the biggest spider ever scuttling back and in the ceiling light ( it was one of those long plastic ones that you often get in schools) which made me very nervous about spiders scuttling about in the room for the rest of the weekend.

Rather unmanly fears of spiders aside it was time for lunch.

Lunches at conference are kind of like playing Russian roulette with out the bullets, or the gun but probably twice of the tension. For every good year of plain sandwiches and chocolate cakes you get another year of ripped bags , Tuna and onion and Crayfish and rocket ( one of these years I’m going to have to look up what that is). In a major difference we had to go and collect our sandwiches from one of the restaurants. However for some strange reason we had to give tickets for lunch, but not for breakfast or Dinner, for those we had to only show our security pass ( this year a rather spiffing photo ID you wore round your neck as opposed to one around your wrist.) Early signs were good, nice plain sandwiches, fruit juice, water, and a not just a chocolate muffin but a double chocolate muffin!

I sat for lunch with some of the Leicesterites, which was interesting as we caught up on what we had been doing. I was on the way out of the restaurant when I ran into the girl I had met the night ( who shall be known as Miss T) before who invited me to sit with her and met some of the new friends she had made, as it had started raining rather heavily at this point. Like me she didn’t know many people at conference as she was one of the oldies as well but unlike me, she was a lot better at making new friends.

Miss T was also freaking out about her outfit for the evening ball as she was worried about it may not meet church standards as I think somebody had said something. She went on quite a musing rant about what was wrong in looking feminine, and why should she be expected to wear a tent with a duvet wrapped underneath. I assured her that she was probably worrying about nothing.

For the afternoon sesson we wondered back over to the armitage centre and we discovered the first unfortunate breakdown in organisation over the weekend as there were plenty of activities to do, but they hadn’t told anybody where they were. So it was very much a case of wondering back and forth to find what was going on and where.

First up in the hall there was a ice skating ring. I know it sounds bizarre but they had hired a ice skating ring for the afternoon. In hindsight not as bizarre as the pile of snow they got gor last years snowball fight!

Outside they had a paint throwing game. Pretty much self explanatory really,

whichever team got the most paint on their opponents. They started off at first wearing boiler suits, but pretty soon they decided to go all out and just have a full out war without the boiler suits as it didn’t seem that many people wanted to do it. However this turned out to be down to the massive bollywood dance class

which was underway which had taken a lot of attention and did lead to some disappointed YSA who turned up after the paint had run out. And by that I mean run out of the containers and spread across a large chunk of the car park.

There were the usual football and rounders games on the fields. Although there were no games on the astro turf as the selection trials for the national UK female hockey teams were underway.

A large chunk of the field however had been reserved for the giant toboggan run which was apparently the largest one in Europe. As you can see the pics it was rather tall. And as you can imagine it was rather popular as the queues attested.

I heard a rumour that there were some other activities on, but I never found out what.

Fortunately the rain held off for most of the afternoon otherwise the organisers would have had to deal with a lot of very bored YSA coped up in the Armitage centre.

Although some of the activities did interest me and I had a go at a couple most didn't, so I spent the afternoon wondering around soaking up the atmosphere and generally trying out action shots with my new camera. I have to admit though this was the first saturday outside of the year I hurt my knee where I did find myself at a bit of a loose end on the Saturday afternoon

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