Tuesday, September 28, 2010

He's baackkk

Well thanks for bearing with me folks and putting up with the complete lack of blog posts for the past couple of weeks. As you may have guessed it's been a bit of a stressful time for me recently.

Good news first however, Speed Demon is now home after spending over a week in hospital. She has been pretty lucky, if I remember it correctly the charming little phrase the Doctor apparently used to describe things was that " By rights she shouldn't still be here".

Of course if having to worry about your Sister wasn't stressful enough, all this happened whilst Grumpy and TapDance had gone on Holiday to spain. So there was a lot of calling back and forth between mobiles and then TapDances phone decided to go on the blink and not work anymore! Fortunatly my manager at work was very nice through out this time and let me keep my mobile on whilst I was at my desk in case I needed to be contacted urgently. Fortunatly as it turned out I didn't need to be. Although when TapDance called me back initially when I tried to get hold of her to tell her what happened, she managed to call when I was on a call. One of my team mates who was aware of the situation answered the mobile for me, but answered it is in his very prim and proper professional phone voice, which almost gave me a fit of the giggles.

With them being away we had to put Owen in the kennels as it wouldn't have been possible or fair to leave him on his own all day. Of course for obivous reasons I hadn't mentioned in a blog post before as it would have been akin to posting a bit note on the front door saying " guess what no one's in the house all day and there's no dog to guard. Please feel free to come on in!"

I am starting to wonder if we should ban Grumpy and TapDance from going on Holiday or at least ban them from going on Holiday at this time of year. Why? Well lets see last year when they went on Holiday around this time of year I lost my job, this year they go roughly the same time and Speed Demon ends up in hospital and you know what they say about things happeing in threes! Multi-task might want to watch out next year!

So just to recap that's my sister in hospital with a potentially lift threatening illness and my parents are in another country. That's stressful enough right???

Well obivously not for the universe at large as it decided to throw in several church meetings, two activities, two weeks of early shifts running, lets not forget the building work which is currently being done on the bathroom which means a large part of the house is currently occupied by materials and tools and then having to deal a work with a angry Austrian, a sarcastic spainard, a iriate italian and a crabby czech in rapid secession ( no I'm not making these last few up, they really were that stereotypical) and a couple of other things as I was pretty much as close to flipping out as I have been in a long time.

Still they were the weeks that were, we are now in the week that will be and things are improving and after several early nights I am feeling much better all round. Plus next week we're having a raft of fun activities at work before I will be going to Northampton to attend a special two day training course in order to gain a new qualification.


Later folks.

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And I thought this was going to be a post devoted to Physics!