Saturday, September 04, 2010

Manchester 2010 conference Epilogue: In the hands of the little black box

As I had already packed the car I could head pretty much straight out, although I made sure as ever to make sure I said goodbye to people. But this year the list was pretty small as Miss T had left and my friend E ( who I had met in the massage class and had spoken to last night, if you've been paying attention you'll know who I mean) had left as well.

I made sure I said farewell to L and his new friend although when I went to shake his hand he surprised me with a crushing bear hug that almost sent me flying!

I also did a final check to make sure everyone from Leicester and Nottingham were okay for lifts home. Partly just because I wanted to make sure no one would get stuck and partly in the hope asking might just yield some who did need a lift so I would get someone to talk to on the trip home!

Although I might have actually started talkign to the satnav when I approached Geektown as I couldn't figure out how to shut off the sound and she was starting to sound really impatient.

I had barely left the university campus when the satnav warned me of traffic jams so I hit the red button and put myself in the hands of the little black box anticipated that it would take me back the same route I had come.

Errhhh no..................

It in fact took me on yet another magical mystery tour of the countryside, including taking me through a place called Butt Lane ( no I am not making that up!)

The trip home gave me time to ponder the weekend. No it wasn't the best conference I had been too, yes it could have gone better and yes there were some things I wished could have been different. But it could also have been a lot worse and the bits I enjoyed I realllyyyyyyy enjoyed. It gives me such a spirtual boost like nothing else and always fills me with energy.

In fact so much energy, I was buzzing so much it was nearly 7.30pm long after I had got home that I suddenly realised that I hadn't had anything to eat since breakfast.

I was pondering that night the bubble effect conference has as well. When I got to conference I always stay away from TV, newspapers or anything else that could tell me what's happening in the world at large. It's nice just for a few days to get away from it all and recharge your spirtual batteries. These chances don't come along very often and we should take them whenever we can.

And that folks is that, finally the end of this years report on the national YSA conference.

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