Sunday, July 30, 2006

Well at least this makes perfect sense in my head.

It’s the weekend once again and like so many weekends it’s not been constructive, as I would have liked. Mainly due to one thing and what’s that I hear you ask? Why grump’s new bed.

As his last one had about fallen apart (I’m fairly certain that the dust was the only thing holding it together) he decided to go and get a new one and spent an awfully lot of money on it. So there we were waiting for it to be delivered when he just happened to drop into the conversation that we were going to have to put it together ourselves. Uh ohh. So it comes to Saturday morning and it arrives. Grumpy says that the sales men had told him it was very easy to put up so we shouldn’t have any problems. (You can see where this is going already can’t u?)

Three main problems with this. Firstly for those of you who may have read my previous posts Grumpy is a man whose technical know how is so great he didn’t realise the iron wasn’t turned on. Two, The bed salesmen probably has to help put up a whole load of beds, so he’s going to be good at it (for example I find it very easy to put models together as I’ve had years of practice but doesn’t mean someone else will.) and third a salesmen isn’t going to make a sale by telling a customer that “ Yes our beds takes ages to put up and you’ll be swearing like a trooper like the end of the night” and there’s also the small fact that their career is going to be frightingly short.

So initially knowing what was bound to happen and as grumpy was so sure that it would be easy to put it up I left him to it. 15 minutes later and an AWFUL lot of swearing later there’s a knock at my door as he comes to ask for help. But in his defence this was a strange bed and the single sheet on instructions he had didn’t help. So after another hour and 45 minutes we both finally admit defeat and I decided to scuttle up the road to beg for help from T. He (fortunately) agreed to come and help which I’m extremely grateful for otherwise I’m sure we would have still been there at midnight. So T with his highly skilled engineering skills managed to put Grumpy and myself to shame by managing to construct the whole bed in just under 30 minutes. Although in our defence some of the holes on the bed frame weren’t deep enough which is why we couldn’t fit them. But T fixed that with a careful considered engineer style response. With a hammer and a block of wood, he, he, he, he..

Church was good today. We had the first lesson with our new YSA teacher, which was good. Although it was a bit of a shock to the system as we had been able to, shall we say “ lets things slide with reading and getting discussions going” which this new teacher isn’t going to let us get away with. Which is a little different after all this time but is probably for the best in the long term J SW also gave a very good talk in sacrament. I’ve hopefully managed to set a date with DL to go home teaching this week. It will be the first time we’ve been in nearly seven months. On the plus side I shouldn’t get my wrist slapped by the Elders quorum president anymore, downside we’re probably going to get stuck for a loonnnggg time at one of our families. This guy is inactive but he still studies a lot and so likes to talk. We haven’t actually been able to have a visit with him yet that is less then an hour. But hey as always I guess we’ll see.

The home teachers came round to see us this evening. I think grumpy got a bit ‘wound up’ at some of their questions but hey he can’t have it both ways. He can’t complain that no one ever contacts him to see how he’s doing and then complain when they do come and see him and ask questions. As the saying goes darned if they do, darned if they don’t.

Anyway that’s all for now. Got to get to bed but not becoz I have work in the morning. I’ve got the day off so the car can go in to get the suspension fixed. Got to drop it off rather early.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like Loughborough is fun at the moment... also shows why the world needs engineers!! Do tell though, whos the new teacher...

Nemesis said...

I wish I was in the YSA class. I spent that 50 minutes keeping toddlers from strangling each other.

Saxon said...

The new teacher is caroline Farley. I don't think anyone warned her how big the class can be as she wanted us to form a 'circle' but we had to go round the edge of the room as there were so many people in there