Saturday, July 08, 2006

When is a Beaumont not a Beaumont? When he's a Bowmont

Hmm speaking yoda like I am. Making little sense am I. Starting to annoy you greatly I feel.

Yes, yes after an even bigger gap then last time I have finally got round to writing a new blog entry. Yes I know it was bad to leave such a large gap between blogs but I suppose there was only so many ways I could try and describe cleaning out my room with out you all falling asleep, more! So what have I been up to? I hear you all enquire? And what’s with the title of the post. Hmm all in good time, all in good time!!!

Right first off, I went shopping in Nottingham on Thursday and visiting those mechas of the uber geek shopping experience, forbidden planet and travelling man. I Spent waayy more then I was intended to, but hey I only get to go to each of those shops about once a month now, so I suppose I have to stock up on reading stuff to keep me going to my next visit. Yes, yes I know really bad justification but hey some sort of justification is better then none right??

Went to see pirates of the Caribbean 2 on Thursday night. Almost missed going with the other YSA as I hadn't checked my email and it was only because nemesis texted me to ask if I had seen the email, that I checked my email and read the email so I was aware of the trip. (phew YSA don't organise things in advance much because when we do it does seem to become tremendously complicated doesn't it?). I have to admit that I did get lucky though as I was supposed to be going home teaching but the person who was 'borrowing me' as MT is away for the summer didn't show up. Not sure why, I guess I'll find out tomorrow. Although I did go out with him home teaching last week. So that’s one more home teaching visit then me and DL have managed this year. Yes, I know I know that’s very very bad and I've already had my wrist slapped by the elders quorum president.

I met mum for lunch of Friday, which was nice. I haven't mentioned it to Dad, as I'm not sure what his reaction will be. He's in one of those funny moods again. He went out last night and tonight (in fact he's still out as I write this) and still won't tell me where he goes. To be honest I'm just trying to keep out of the line of fire where those two are concerned, as I'm so tired at getting dragged into things. But with the way things are at the moment 'c'est la vie'

Oh yes, the title, I did say I was going to explain that didn't I? Well it was S + J (I spelt it wrong last time as G not J) wedding today, and basically on the seating chart for the reception my surname was spelt Bowmont not Beaumont. To be honest I found it quite amusing as it was still spelt wrong yet was also 'right'.

It was a lovely service and reception. A lot of fun to as most church wedding receptions are over pretty quickly but as they were booked into the late session at the temple and the wedding had started very early they had a band and dancing and things, including a chocolate fountain! Which went down very well especially with the kids and big kids (a.k.a the YSA). R even managed to get me up for a dance to. Which was quite fun even though I'm sure I looked like the incredible hulk when trying to dance. (Urggh rhythm made me move!). There was a lot of YSA there so got some good photos and A + S were there too with all the kids. So all in all a very good day. Although Dad's parting comment when I left to head to the wedding this morning was " Well I S can find someone maybe there's a small amount of hope for you yet"

Gee thanks Dad,


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