Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's alive. alive!!!

Well that's what it felt like someone should have been shouting when I dragged myself out of bed this morning. It was awfully tempting to just lay there for a few minutes , but I quickly realized that, that would have been a fantastically bad idea and I would have been asking for trouble by drifting of to sleep again.

So why the reason for this tiredness I hear the handful of you who actually read this ask? Well not entirely sure, although it's likely it had something to do with going to see superman Returns last night with the rest of the YSA.

It was a good film (but slipping into geek critic mood now), there was something not 'quite there' to make it a truly great film. there definitely wasn't enough superman as 'clark' scenes because he played 'clark' fantastically well, and I really can't believe that more people didn't go ' wow what amazing coincidence that Clark went away for five years, superman went away for five years and they both arrive back together.........Wait a second!" Also I suppose some of the films more dramatic moments towards the end of the film were slightly undermined by the giggling coming from the far end of the row as hyper/nonstop/red/es ( still can't decide on a codename for her yet) suddenly found things hysterically funny and couldn't stop laughing. I won't mention what she found so funny so not to spoil the film for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

Well on the plus side I was much in demand with the ladies last night, although it was only for my popcorn. Well it was nice to be in demand, even if it was only popcorn. Well it's a start init?

maybe my popularity will improve to such a degree next time I'll be in demand for my drink too :-)

Well it was as shock to realize that it's almost my birthday in just over a month. Where the heck has the year gone!! I think it's likely that this will be quite a sucky birthday as it hasn't been the best of years ( and the prize for understatement of the year goes too...)But I suppose we shall see how things go, shan't we children??

Anyway suddenly having a totally mental block and can't think of anything else,

so later!


Nemesis said...

Was it the sweet popcorn? If so, you would have been safe from me. :-)

Saxon said...

yes it was sweet, I can't stand salted :-(

Fraggle said...

[shakes head]

Sweet popcorn is an abomination before the Fraggle...

I thought of Gemini (or maybe just Gem - think about it) as a codename for her. Or maybe The Single Ginger, as opposed to The Now-Married Ginger! :)

[remembers to duck]

Saxon said...

then in that case. Long live sweet popcorn!! :-)

Gem sounds good. I don't think I'll use 'the single ginger as opposed to the now-married ginger' as I'm really not feeling suicidal at the moment :-)

Sam Liddicott said...

Salted popcorn is a sin, a stand-in for those who can't get their fix of salted porridge.

You know its true.

I'm not saying it's mentioned in the seal part of the BofM, but it feels right, heh?

Saxon said...

true, true