Monday, July 10, 2006

Hi ho, Hi Ho It's back to work I go

Well after a week of wallowing in the life of doing nothing that was totally constructive, reality has come crashing back in on me. Yes as I want the pennies to spend to get many nice shiny things, it's time to come back to work.

On the plus side there was very little in the way of work waiting for me when I arrived back this morning. Not totally sure if it is a good or bad sign that they seemed to have copied so well without me, we shall see I guess. But regardless, it's back into the old routine etc and I suppose that it's a marginally more constructive way to spend time rather then lazing around at home. ( despite the lazing round at home part being more fun most of the time :-)

Superman returns is out this week and as I was feeling especially brave I'm going to try and organise a group of ysa to go see it. He, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he.
Yes, yes I know I used the words organise and YSA in the same sentence, really just fated things haven't I?

I've just realized that in my previous post I didn't say what my opinion of the new pirates of the Caribbean movie was. It's good but I don't think it's as good as the first, but only by a small margin. Don't get me wrong it's still a very good film it just seemed to be that there was just a bit too much going on and a lot of what happened just wasn't as memorable as the first film. Well there was that and several of the girls going on about how good they thought one of the characters from the first film looked now he had turned into a pirate. Hmm maybe that's where I'm going wrong, maybe I need to grow my hair and not shave. You never know it could help, although to be honest in my case I'll probably end up looking like a wild man of dunlending ( geek reference) or David Bellamy (what ever happened to him anyway?) Neither the desired effect I would want. So I think I'll put that idea on the 'only if absolutely desperate' file. (no smart comments on that anyone!)

Well I saw the disney film " The emperors new grove" yesterday and it was really, really funny! I heartily recommend that people should watch it even if your not usually into the whole Disney film thing. I watched it round Nemesis's house along with ES, AF and IF (wow codenames get really complicated don't they. well as long as I remember who I am I should be alright. Wait who am I again, argghhhhhhhhhhhhh) I think Nemesis was quite tired as she almost dropped off to sleep a couple of times as she was curled up with one of her big cushions. Although calling it a big cushion was a bit of a understatement. The thing was huge, it almost looked twice the size of her! Although it did look very comfy, but to get a cushion that was twice my size is unlikely as it would probably collapse under it's own gravitational pull. but c'est la vie.

anyway, once again hit that old mental blank, so



Stupidramblings said...

I concur with all the analizationisms. In fact, Emporer's New Groove has got the best kitchy humer of any of the Disney 'toons...

Saxon said...

yep it's definately got the best humour of any disney cartoon I've seen in a while.