Friday, July 21, 2006

I need 30 cc's of sugar and Caffeine stat!

Arggghhhh. I am sooo glad it's Friday. I really don't know what's going on this week but I'm just shattered for some reason. Although it's not like I've been having trouble sleeping, in fact I've been going to bed earlier then usual. Maybe that's it? After all you do seem, to seem more tired when you have more sleep then usual. Why is that anyway??? It's probably one of those unanswerable questions again.

Mum and Grumpy we're having another fall out over money again. I know this because Mum decided to give me a warning and ask if when Dad bought the subject up I could make a 'suggestion' about one of the issues. Only trouble is, he didn't bring the subject up. So I know, because Mum let me know. But I can't let him know, that I know otherwise he'll know that I only know because mum let me know, which he wouldn't like.
So I'm going to have to wait for him to let me know, so he'll know that I know because he let me know and he won't know that I already know because Mum let me know and he didn't have to let me know because I already know...............................

Wait. I think I've confused myself :-(

Well I was supposed to be going home teaching last night. But he didn't turn up. ( not DL but rather M's HT partner who wants to 'borrow' me while M's away). I dunno what's going on there I just seemed extremely fated when it comes to HT. Maybe I'll be able to manage it one day!

I've just seen the best thing on Amazon. A hardbound three volume set of all of the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons printed ever! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! That is so cool. Unfortunately it's a bit expensive at £66. So time to start saving the pennies I think. Either that or try giving the Bambi eyes when people ask me What I want for my birthday.

I totally forgot it's the Friday forum tonight in Coventry. I don't think I'll go because I feel so tired I really wouldn't want to risk driving all that way. Downside without M being here I don't think there's anyone else available with a car to give me a lift. It's annoying because it would be nice to go but as the saying goes I 'd rather live to go another day... etc. Oh well. Maybe the YSA r going to do something on Sunday (fingers crossed).

anyway that's all for now.



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