Monday, July 17, 2006

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Well it's usually at the end of writing a post that I hit a mental blank not before, but for some strange reason I seemed to be totally incapable of coming up with a post title today. So please feel free to make up your own based on my inane ramblings.

Well another Monday, another start of a week (well duhh) and the usual amount of work to do which has come in over the weekend. ( downside of the office being shut at the weekend but considering the alternative a downside I'm willing to live with).

Once again I have another tune stuck in my head. Rather then Spiderman it's the superman theme tune and before you you ask I don't know why I seem to keep getting superhero theme tunes tuck in my head. I'm just really, really hoping right now that I don't get the batman theme tune stuck in there sometime! However, thanks to some technical jiggery pokery when it comes to my schedule I am now able to go to FHE with the rest of the YSA to see superman returns at the cinema. The only problem is time wise Things are likely to be incredibly tight to enable me to get home, have dinner then get to the cinema. But hey all part of the fun I guess and if it allows me to spend sometime in the presecence of some wonderful young ladies then so much the better:-)

The power went down at work today so we weren't able to do anything on the computers for nearly 30 minutes. So we quite literally just sat there. No one wanted to go outside as the AC is so good in here that when you do go outside it's likely stepping off a airplane in the tropics. Wumph!! A wall of heat just hits you. So while the weathers like that I'm staying here in the building, thank you very much! Not looking forward to trying to drive home though as I'm fairly certain the Car is going to be doing it's extremely good impression of a oven!

I caught the end of the Spiderman film last night on TV. I've always liked Spiderman, I suppose cause I can relate, the nerd/geek, social misfit ( at least in high school), always overlooked by the girls early on in favor of other guys, yes that's where me and old spidey are identical.. I can't relate to the getting super powers or marrying the super model mainly because that's F-A-N-T-A-S-Y not R-E-A-L-I-T-Y which I'm told is supposed to come first. Curse pesky real life, curse it :-)

Well it was fairly amusing at church yesterday because someone finally asked after mum. Saying they hadn't noticed her around for the past two weeks ( it's actually been months but I wasn't feeling vindictive enough to point that out). But it is times like that, that I miss Coalville It's hard to explain but it just seemed like with coalville it was small enough that people were aware more of each other or maybe it's just that they had a better gossip chain then Loughborough. Sorry, sorry it's not gossip chain, people at church don't gossip I always forget that. It's a method of passing pertinent or information that members of the branch or ward might find interesting to one another. :-)

anyway till later!

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