Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bright Light, Bright Light, bright light!!!!!!!

One disadvantage of our buildings at work is that they are very much a 'sun trap'. Or to put it in simple terms if you leave the building without your sunglasses on there's absolutely no way you can see where your going. Which has entertained the people who sit near windows no end as they watch people without shades walking into cars, walls and fences as they vainly squint through the blinding sunlight. Of course it's only amusing until you go outside and forget your shades as well but hey c'est la vie.What go's around come around, you reap what you sow, any other generic cliché here! etc

One of my favorite programs is down back on the TV. Bad lads army, I find it tremdousily amusing to watch a group of 'bad lads' realize that there not quite so tough when faced with 1950s style army training and a bunch of ex army NCOs who wouldn't put up with anything. Especially amusing in this weeks episode was the self confessed 'street fighter' who declared he could beat anyone, who then had to be more or less pinned in his seat to stop him bolting terrified from the room when one of the NCOs bought a python near him. Mind you not that I would want to face up to any of these 'bad lads' in a darkened alley or give them any verbal backchat, but hey that's what the programs for. I can sit back and watch them get their comeuppance. Slightly mean attitude I know but hey the program is extremely entertaining.

I made a interesting discovery in the garage last week. Our exercise bike. It's been in there so long I forgot we had it. We bought it for one of those new years resolutions that we all forgot about extremely quickly. Well after a little clean up I actually recovered it from the garage and starting using it. No! It's impossible! I don't believe it! would I do something like that ? Well I have and I'm trying to spend half an hour a night on it. Well I'm trying to be good now so I thought it was time to start exercising again on a regular basis and trying( as many people can vouch for, I'm very trying), to be good with what I eat before I get big enough to obtain my own gravitational field. It's going slowly but I'm going to try and hang on in there. I actually managed 40 minutes on the bike last night, mainly because I had a lot of anger to burn off. Why was that? I hear some of you ask and who caused it? Well as any regular visitors can guess, it was grumpy ( I'm going to use code names for people from now on, but I think most of you should be able to guess who I'm referring to).

Yes, he's in one of his dark moods again which seem to be all too frequent at the moment. He's getting paid this week and you would think that would lighten him up. But no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's still all doom and gloom. I still haven't mentioned that I met Mum for lunch last week. I was going to but then he threw a paddy ( I can't think of a better word for it) that I've been emailing her and demanded to know if I've been telling her about what he's been doing in my 'sneaky emails'. Give me strength! He's just so paranoid at the moment. I have a feeling another massive argument is about to sneak up and I'll probably be where I always seem to be at the moment. Stuck in the middle :-(

oh well.

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