Friday, July 28, 2006

The rules

( one of my friends forwarded this as she said I seemed to be unaware of these rules :-)
1) The Female always makes THE RULES.

2) THE RULES are subject to change without notice.

3) No Male can possible know all THE RULES.

4) If the Female suspects the Male knows all THE RULES, she must immediately change some of THE RULES.

5) The Female is never wrong.

6) If it appears the Female is wrong, it is because of a flagrant misunderstanding caused by something the Male did or said wrong.

7) If Rule #6 applies, the Male must apologize immediately for causing the misunderstanding.

8) The Female can change her mind at any time.

9) The Male must never change his mind without the express, written consent of The Female.

10) The Female has every right to be angry or upset at any time.

11) The Male must remain calm at all times, unless the Female wants him to be angry or upset.

12) The Female must, under no circumstances, let the Male know whether she wants him to be angry or upset.

13) The Male is expected to read the mind of the Female at all times.

14) At all times, what is important is what the Female meant, not what she said.

15) If the Male doesn't abide by THE RULES, it is because he can't take the heat, lacks backbone, and is a wimp.

16) If the Female has PMS, all THE RULES are null and void and the Male must cater to her every whim.

17) Any attempt to document THE RULES could result in bodily harm.

18) If the Male, at any time, believes he is right, he must refer to Rule #5


Anne of Green Gables said...

well i would have to agree.... i think more men do need to be aware of this. however i do believe that as ladies we are kind and are able to let somethings pass without trouble. the rules to which you refer may, if the man is liked in certain ways may be slacked or reduced in number.. but if the man takes advantage then the rules could be tightend!
ok so theres a ramble if ever ive had one.. if it makes no sense, i take no blame!

Saxon said...

no it makes lots of sense. So what your basically saying is regardless of how many rules there are Women still rule :-)

Nemesis said...

Close enough.

Saxon said...

Good. Just checking.

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