Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The greatest invention in the world!

and what would I be talking about? Why air conditioning of course. On what's going to be the hottest day of the year we are currently all extremely thankful that the builders did not skimp when installing the AC in this building. We're the 'coolest' building on site and they has been a noticeable lack of willingness on some peoples part to leave the building. Myself included! It's just too darn hot out there. I just read on a news page though that the temperature had got to 47 C (116/6F apparently) on the London underground yesterday but the buses were worse, on some the temperature got to 52 C (125.6F). The mind, well it just boggles, how anyone could cope with that I have no idea. It makes me so very glad that I don't live in London.

one of the guys came back into the office after he had popped across to the canteen to get his lunch. In the time it took him to walk across the car park to our building ( 10 to 15 meters max less then a minutes walk) his chocolate bar melted. Just goes to show you how hot it was out there folks! I'm glad I'm playing a game tonight because by the times it's finished it should have allowed the car to cool off a bit. Trying to drive home yesterday, well lets put it this way, it seemed like a vision of hell. For some reason the traffic was terrible, what is usually a 25 minute trip on clear roads took 70 minutes instead! And the wind (what little of it there was) was going in just the wrong direction to blow into the car window to help cool things down. The fans didn't help as even when I had them on cold there were still only managing to 'blow hot air around'. Yes not a pleasant experience at all and it can be best summed up as yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, YUCK!

Right, lets see what's in the news at the minute. Iraq's going to hell if it's not already there. Lebanon's close behind. Our prime Minster seems to be having delusions of grandeur by calling the evacuation of British citizens the biggest operation of it's kind since Dunkirk, which is technically correct but he's kind of over egging the pudding as it were when compared it to Dunkirk as Dunkirk involved hundreds of ships, boats and aircraft to rescue thousands of troops under constant bombardment from the German forces. In Lebanon we currently have the grand total of one destroyer who shouldn't be threatened in any shape or form because not even Hezbollah would be dump enough to risk the eire of another modern army and air force coming down on them. Mind you even if that was too happen it would be a very short conflict. Well it's not like the Israel forces have left any worthwhile targets standing anyway. ( Wait look he's getting all political. stop him!!)

I really can't think of anything else to say for some reason so until;


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