Friday, July 28, 2006

Rub a dub dub, 1 car almost turned into a sub

I've heard many people before ( mainly foreign 'visitors) say what crazy English weather, but I haven't seen a really good example of this craziness before. Well at least I hadn't seen one before the last couple of days. Take today for instance, it is extremely sunny, in fact so sunny once again you can't leave the building without sunglasses otherwise there's no way you can see where your going. Now compare this to twenty four hours ago when it was raining.

Actually to say it was just raining would be a disservice to describing just how much rain there was. It was mega raining, it was uber raining, it was super mega uber raining (etc, etc I think you get the point) and it got extremely scary trying to drive home. I think I 'aqua plained' at least twice, and the rain was coming down so hard it was impossible to see where the road was starting to flood and trust me hitting a flooded part of a dual carriageway and feeling the car judder and jerk like it was to go into a spin is pretty damn scary ( having spun a car off the road once and it overturning is more then enough for me.) I did try and stop by the co op on the way home to get some bits and pieces food wise but got there to discover then it had flooded. Also the road that runs alongside the side of our house had also flooded quite badly ( I got a photo and hopefully I'll put it up to show you just how bad it got).

Anyway what could make these horrible, horrible very horrible driving conditions worse? that would be right, dumb drivers! You all know the sort , who think that the only way to make the car go is to push the far right pedal all the way to the floor especially in bad conditions. How there was not a serious smash on one of the roads last night, I'll never know. There was probably a whole load of guardian angels working overtime last night I'm sure.

Well Dad is off out on what of his 'secret trips'. He still never tells me where he's going. He obviously still thinks I'm a agent for the MSA or sumthing. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that the YSA don't decided to do something on short notice again.

Nothing much planned for the weekend. Dad's having his new bed delivered which should be interesting watching them trying to get it up the stairs. Although we have got to put his old mattress into a bag ready for them to take it away. Can you say Disaster waiting to happen?? I think ya can! I'm also going to have to keep a eye on the cost of shopping this week. I'm so glad it's payday on Monday any longer and I think I would have been in trouble.

Well asides from that there's not much else really. wow isn't my live really boring at the moment?? I think I need to try and get out more. Grumpy still hasn't said anything about my upcoming birthday, which means he's either forgotten or will leave it to the last minute. Either way yet another not good sign.


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