Friday, July 14, 2006

a skill I don't want

I’ve recently discovered an unfortunate new skill which to be honest I’d rather not have. I suppose the best way to describe or call this skill is the ability of being ‘technically correct’. What am I gibbering on about now I hear you ask?

Well as grumpy was in such a foul mood I thought I’d better speak to mum to give her a heads up for the next time she spoke to him, and she did call him yesterday to have a chat to him, but she hadn’t mentioned that she had spoken to me. When I got home last night Dad did seem happier but was very suspicious and wanted to know if I had spoken to Mum on Wednesday or emailed her yesterday. To which I answered no I hadn’t. Which was technically correct as I had only spoken to her on Thursday not Wednesday and I hadn’t emailed her.

Was it wrong to answer like that probably? Should I have admitted I had spoken to her about it, again probably? But to be honest I suppose I took the coward’s way out. I had no strength to deal with him flying off the handle again and going into one of his moods. So I suppose that’s why I’ve unfortunately developed this ability, as I just don’t wanna get caught in their crossfire anymore. It’s just so tiring and for want of a better term, Soul sapping. But unfortunately I think that these random crossfire’s might go on for sometime between them, so I think this skill’s going to get far more practice then I ever want. L

I was supposed to be trying to see if any YSA wanted to go out to the cinema to see superman returns but as grumpy has been in such bad moods this week when he said he wanted the car to go out tonight I really didn’t want to argue as it might have put him in a even greater mood. So hey who knows, maybe I can get some ysa together and go somepoint next week. At least letting him have the car seems to have put him in a better mood. I hope it lasts!

DL didn’t turn up for home teaching again on Thursday. Guess he forgot again, and I’ll probably get a slapped wrist from the Elders quorum president again. But until someone invents a memory chip that we can slot into his brian to help improve his memory not a awful lot I can do about it. Just gonna have to keep reminding him I suppose.

Well can’t think of anything else to say. So

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