Monday, February 28, 2011

It was almost a CAT-astrophe

Well it seems that the borrowers have struck again as the keys for our postbox have seemingly vanished. Which pleased Owen no end as it's given him the opportunity to try and grab the post when it's put through the door.

Which had in turn lead to us to try and baricade the front door before the postman arrives with two dinner chairs and the shoe rack as otherwise we would loose the post when Owen hid all over the house and the front door would also continue to be scratched into obivilion.

Anyway as usual I'm digressing, when Tap Dance popped by yesterday she decided she was going to have a look for these keys. So she was looking outside with the front door open when to her surprise and Owens complete bafflement a Cat suddenly ran into the house.

And promptly got into a face off with Owen who lunged for it a couple of times before I was able to do a dive and grab his collar. But both times he stopped short, quite probably realising he was about to catch the cat and didn't have a clue what to do next.

At which point the cat promptly bolted upstairs. So while Grumpy and I got Owen under control, Tap Dance went to retrieve the cat which really didn't want to go back outside. Which was understandable as it was raining quite heavily.

Now the funnest thing was afterwards when Owen rushed upstairs to do an inspection and there really isn't any other word for it as he was looking around everywhere. He lay down flat so he could see under the bed. He did his meerkat trick so he could check the top of the dressers and tried to check the top of the wardrobe as he wanted to make sure that evil cat really was gone.

What ever else you can say about him, Owen really does take his job of guarding the house seriously.

Later folks

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