Sunday, February 20, 2011

The d'ohh factor

Sorry for the lack of posts this weeks folks.

It was mainly down to 2 reasons. Firstly that I've been very busy and secondly I've been hit with one of my worst ever cases of writers block. Everytime I tried to sit down and write a post my brain would go empty ( even more emptier then usual as it so happens) and I could not think of anything to say.

And writing several days of posts saying that I had nothing to say probably would be very interesting for you readers either.

It's been a interesting week at work because due to organisation changes our team is being spilt up ( which is why I had to go for a interview to see which department I was assigbned too) so there was a noticable sense that time is running out for our team. Which is sad as we work well together, but also exciting in the sense of we'll all be facing new challenges soon enough.

Although our team has seemed to have been struck with a bit of Homer Simpson syndrome as two members did something so silly that it automatically broke the " You're allowed one D'oh moment a day where you can't be mocked but anything beyond that and you're fair game" rule. One of the girls had to ring up our counterparts in France and trying to be clever proceeded to ask them in French if they spoke English. Only that's not what she asked them. She actually asked them in French if they spoke French. Cue one very confused french lady on the other end of the phone.

The other instance was where one of the team who when accepting a call from elsewhere in the building congratulated the girl who was putting the call through on being pregnant.
Only she wasn't.

Cue frantic attempts to convince the poor girl that somebody had actually told him that she was expecting and not that he has based this on her "size".

We have one more week left as a team before we start to get broken up.

In other news as it were, my fears for outcasts seem to have been well justified as it's getting castout as it were to a late night Sunday slot. Which means the chances of it getting a second series are probably near enough completely gone at this point. Which is a real shame as it was starting to improve. Yes it does have some major plot holes, but it was getting better and the scenery is awe inspring after so many years of the Candidian forests which seem to appear in most sci-fi shows.

And shifting it to another night makes no sense. Something which this much potential gets booted but we had to put up with the whole series of the Deep?


Later folks

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