Thursday, February 03, 2011

Looking for the loopholes

It's been a bit of a interesting day.

Mind you this interesting day started off rather coldly as for reasons as the central heating wasn't on! The bathroom may be nice and warm when the central heating is on but when it's isn't that tiled floor it just a little bit cold!

Still it certainly helps wake you up.

Work was.... well it was one of those days when you had a lotof rather bizzare conversations that although at the time seemed sane and normal you look back on them at the end of the day and wonder just why you were talking about that to begin with.

There was a conversation about whether you should or should not attempt to extort cookies as a form of forgiveness and how you could make them not count if you were try to eat healthly.

Another was if you cut a pizza in half and eat one piece, could you say you only eat one slice of pizza and thus make it sound like you haven't eaten as much.

And would the girls be able to resist singing random lines from Rhiannas new song despite it's rather risque nature.

In fact risque is rather a understatement as I can already see the massive outcry you'll be getting about this especially with regards to the video which apparently features her wearing a lot of outfits which lets just say are not things you would wear in the high street.

Anyway, it's only one more day until the weekend and we have our YSA Chinese New years eve party tomorrow which apparently feature chinese lanterns and fireworks. Hopefully not at the same time or things could get messy.

Later folks

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