Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blast it

Someone mentioned today a report that they had read by a group of psychologists that came up with a acronym that describes when your most likely to make a error. The acronym is Blast.



Which is really a rather clever acronym. The only downside is that the acronym seems to more accurately describe the average persons day at work rather then anything else.

Speaking of which it's Monday tomorrow which means the start of another week of work. And I'm on the late "mids" shift which always seems a bit of a pointless shift to me but mine is not to reason why :-)

Pondering on the start of work tomorrow also made me realise that I only have two weeks left with my current team. Which is sad but also exciting in a sense knowing that I will shortly be with a new team. After working with the same team for about five years at my last place, I'm still not totally used to how quickly teams can change at the place where I am currently.

But c'est la vie I guess.

We were also treating to a lot of British summer weather today.

And by that I mean it rained, and rained and rained and ..........

well you get the idea.


Later folks

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