Saturday, February 05, 2011

Not seeing so clearly

So picture the scene, I'm back home after actually being out on a Friday night for once. I'm in Grumpys office, going through my photos, there's suddenly a momentary flicker of lights and then all I can see is this.

No this wasn't I could see on the screen it was what I could see in the office. We had, had a complete power cut. And not just us. Geektown was dark as far as the eye could see. Owen was delighted mind you as he thought the whole thing was fascinating especially when he had to be taken out for his evening walkies.

Grumpy and I were not finding it quite so fascinating mind you, especially as we had to try and find where we had put the torches. At one point I had to use the light from my mobile. Plus Grumpy had been watching NCIS and was little annoyed that he never got to see how it ended.

So after finding the torches we did the only sensible thing we could do in the situation.

We went to bed.

However before I went to Bed I took the opportunity to look out from Bedroom window and see a sight that is very rare geektown in complete darkness asides from the moonlight. No house lights, no street lights, just the dark. A quiet unbroken stillness that was a bit creepy but also quite beautiful in way.


Later folks

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