Tuesday, March 01, 2011

More of the same and more of the old

it's been a strange couple of days at work as we've moved into the sort of "middle phase" of moving teams.

So this means we have less to do front line wise but we're getting a lot more to do backline wise. In fact quite a lot more. It's not exagerating to say we're getting three times as much backline stuff as we were. But we we have enough time to cope with it. Just.

My speedy typing skills are extremely useful right now.

But despite the heavy workload I have to say I have been really, really enjoying the challenge and can't wait for my next round of training next week where things will start to get really interesting.

Elsewhere in slightly depressing news the cost of petrol is now only two pence away from hitting that £6 a gallon which to convert that for my American readers is $9.76 ( and Nemesis thought petrol was exspensive when she was here in the uk!)

Anyway, I'm off to see if I can find some inspiration.

Later folks

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