Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The printers are revolting

I'm starting to get the feeling that some sort of conspiracy going on with printers right now and their all ganging up on me.

The one at work refused to print out my shift patterns. Grumpys is still refusing to work but has now changed it's tune slightly in saying on one hand that the printer is not connected to the computer but on the other hand if you open the printer queue it gives you a list of items in queue.

And then when I tried to borrow Bro H's tonight after institute tonight it promptly refused to print out anything in black and white which is annoying when your trying to print off a letter as opposed to a photo!


and that's the technical term for the frustration I'm feeling right now.

Still the day was full of good things too. Top of the list was the very good news that traveller is safely out of Eqypt and out of harms way. It was a good way of showing how much Leicester YSA has changed as when I mentioned it at institute only two of the students knew who she was! I do miss her being around ( not just her of course, I miss all of my friends who have moved to other countries, seems to happen a lot with this church) , next time she comes home for a visit I'll just have to make sure I'm not my usual polite self and bully my way past other people to speak to her as last time she was here she was always monopolised by other people and I never got the chance to speak to her.

I was also walking through reception at work today when I noticed a group of people waiting for interviews. I was halfway up the corriodor before my sub concious nudged me that I had missed something and I should go back and have a look. It was when I went back I realised that one of the people waiting was one of the key-timers ( part timers) I used to work with in the first department I worked in at my previous company. So we were able to quickly catch up on things ( it's been a while). Who knows? If his interview is successful we may be working togather again at some point.

This chance meeting also made me realise how much your job can have a influence on how you define yourself. It's amazing how the smallest things can make the biggest differences.

So anyway those two pieces of goods news certainly helped me get over the usual mid week slump. It's all downhill now to the weekend.

Later folks

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