Monday, February 07, 2011

A new dirty word?

I have to admit that I was looking forward to the start of the new BBC one series outcasts with slightly worried feelings. As to be perfectly honest the signs weren't good.

Although it's undoubtly a science fiction show a interview with one of the stars revealed that science fiction was a banned word on set . The actress said and I quote

"'Sci-fi has its own dedicated TV channel,' says North, 'and the BBC doesn't want to give the impression it's putting out a sci-fi show on prime-time BBC1.

This is futuristic drama with the focus on pioneering humans who, out of necessity, just happen to be living on a planet that isn't Earth. There are sci-fi elements to the drama. "

Okay and star wars wasn't science fcition either, it was just a futuristic drama with a focus on a bunch of humans who are trying to overthrow a evil government which isn't on earth and contains sci-fi elements to the story...... oh wait....

Plus they've obivously forgotten about Doctor Who going out during prime time but I digress.

And if all that clap trap about it not being sci-fi was not enough to set off a lot of warning bells the next thing was even worse. One of the actors ( who used to be in ugly betty in case anyone cared) in a interview emphasised theres lots of sex in this new show.

Right so we have a new show that is obivously sci fi but their saying it isn't and a actor who is trying to sell a drama series but listing one of it's highlights as theres lot of sex.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I don't know if this is good.

So I watched the show with a wary finger near the remote just in case. It was okay, there was one very unexpected death ( which I should have guessed as this series is made by the same series who makes sppoks after all) but over all the episode seemed to bounce around all over the place. Plus for a series that insists it's not science fiction I lost count of the number of "sci fi" things present.

Still it has lots of potential. Assuming it can survive past it's first series of course.

later folks

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