Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Hate to see what he'd do if he was upset

The start to the day came somewhat earlier then I was expecting.

7 hours and fifty minutes earlier then I was expecting to be precise. As I was suddenly woken to the sounds of Grumpy scolding Owen. I was almost then to turn over and go back to sleep when I heard him scold him again which somewhat worried me as he sounded upset. So failing to take any heed from the lesson of the cat and the dangers of curiosity I stuck my head out of my door to see what was going.

And quickly realised why Grumpy was upset.

You see for reasons best known to himself Owen had jumped up on his bed and promptly wee'd all over it.

We're still not entirely sure why Owen did it. Grumpy suggested that maybe Owen had done it as a way of being nice. I promptly responded that if this was his idea of being nice I had to see what he would have done if he was p****d off. Grumpy replied that it was more a case that Owen had p****d on.

Well I found that the power of postive thinking really does bring benefits ( and plus thank you so much for all of the postive thoughts from you my readers as well!) as I found I got the job I had interviewed for. Which was fantastic news! It's more of a sideways move this time then upwards but c'est la vie. It will be very similiar to my current road but rather then dealing with with just european issues it will be worldwide.

So it's certainly going to bring a whole load of new challenges as I'm going to have a raft of new stuff to learn, but it's going to be fun.

anyway later folks

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