Tuesday, February 08, 2011

thinking good thoughts

It's been an interesting day. Mainly because I had a interview for a new postion at my company and interviews are always interesting. Btw I should know hopefully tomorrow about what the result is so please think good thoughts for me people!

What I mainly found interesting is the way the interview process, in fact any interview process makes you really examine who you are. Once you take away obivous defining factors such as employment or religion who are you really as a person, deep down underneath.

Of course it also shows how brave a person you are too, depending on how far down that road you want to take yourself.

Well deep thoughts aside, I'm keeping a postive mental attitude. I did everything I could do, it's now in the hands of others.

Nemesis how posted a video on her latest blog post, which was quite good but also weird in the sense of hearing her voice again after such a long time! It's was like wow she is actually still a real person and has not just turned into a series of posts on a blog! But that's what you get in this church I suppose when people seem to move on regular basis for the four corners of the planet. And I don't totally mean that in jest because for a want of better term I know a lot more people in this "social group" who have moved abroad then anyone else.

Well it's Wednesday tomorrow which despite the postitive mental attitude will probably bring it's usual dose of mid week sump shernanigans. ( If I spelt that right but even if not you get the point :-)

Later Folks


Sian said...

I hope you get the job- good luck! I know what you mean about people moving around, some people just can't stay put!

Saxon said...

Thank you.