Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baffling in the extreme

I've just watching the 4th episode of Outcasts and I'm still baffled as to why they keep insisted it's not a sci-fi show because for a show that isn't sci-fi it's certainly got more science fiction elements then any other show on tv right now, like Hollyoaks for example.

Although to be fair Hollyoaks does have it own potentially science fiction elements. For example how can anyone graduate their university when their never in class? And how do get so many blondes in such a small area?

But I'm digressing. Back to outcasts. Lets see for a show that isn't "sci-fi" ( I really don't know why people don't want to admit that their showing sci fi on primetv british tv, not likes their showing porn) in the first four shows they have had, interplantary spacecraft, talk of reentry and heat shields, emergency shuttles, white outs, talk of three moons affecting the planetary environment, solar power, pulse beacons, electromagnetic waves, planetary storms, brain wave reading, cloning, acelerating cloning, and not to forget behavioral modification.

You can see why they insist outcasts isn't a sci fi show.......... oh wait.

still it's showing great signs of improvement. The characters of Cass and Fleur are certainly developing into my favourites.

The only character I can't stand is Berger who couldn't obivously be more of a bad guy if he was running around in black top hat and cape, twirling his moustache while he went and tied damsels to railroads tracks whilst cackling all the time.

Okay I'm exagerating such a bit but you get the idea.


Later folks

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