Thursday, November 25, 2010

So wheres our's gone?

Well we were all mentally prepared for this huge snow fall. this massive amount of snow that would cause travel chaos and make the job of getting into work very hard.

And what did we get??

Nothing. Nought. Zero. Zilch Nada..

Yes the weather deadzone that surrounds geektown and the surround area seems to be working at full force as we didn't see a bit of snow.

Of course saying that I might be proven totally wrong overnight and we could get a huge amount of the stuff dumped on us as it has gotten very cold all of a sudden and the cars were iced over by 8pm!

I have a feeling it's not going to be fun job de-icing in the morning.

Still freezing temperatures and potentially frozen fingers aside there's only one more day to the weekend. Which is always good.

Somebody at work today pointed out that it's a month to christmas, even if the spirit of goodwill seems somewhat lacking as our workloads are on a noticable climb. Still it's proving to be a interesting challenge and at least it's never boring.

Of course with christmas on the way I'm having to turn my thoughts to the tricky dilema of what to ask for. After I left GW I thought this problem would ease but it hasn't as their prices are too high now for a "small" christmas present. So I guess I'll need to ponder what might I like or indeed need right now.


Later folks

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